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Attorneys:  Are you finding yourself running short of time in meeting jail interview schedules or interviewing witnesses?    
Allow us to conduct your initial interviews at the jail or local prison.  We will gather all background information on your client, as well as any special information you may request.  We will assist in presenting forms for signature and returning them to your office immediately.  We can also assist in locating clients who are not incarcerated, witnesses who may not be easily found, and relatives who can assist in providing information in presenting your case to the court.  And if your clients, your witnesses or their relatives are more comfortable with communitating in Spanish, no problem.  Our agency will also assist by appearing with you in court, as requested, to verify all information which has been gathered.

We also specialize in interviewing witnesses and victims in accident cases, plus provide photographic and video services of accident scenes to assist you in developing your case.
Social Service Agencies: Do you find a need for interpreters for your Spanish-speaking clients?
We're just a phone call away and we'll come right to your office.  Your clients will value your efforts in making their visit more comfortable as they will be able to express themselves better in their native language.
Additional Services:  Do you need background information?
Our agency is able to conduct full and complete searches for background information such as assets, current and prior residences, criminal history, family members, and just about anything else you need to assist you in working with your clients.
Private Citizens:  Are you looking for someone to assist you in locating loved ones? 
We have access to many types of national records to assist you in finding persons from your past.  We will assist you in gathering as much information as you need to locate them. 
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